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Considering buying a DJI Spark? This video explains the pros and cons of the Spark as well as who will get the most out of a Spark and who won’t. If you are researching what drone to buy, this video provides useful information to make an informed decision.

The camera that I’m using in most of my videos is the Panasonic Lumix Z300. You can check it out here.
It shoots 4K, has an external microphone jack, and with a flip around screen, it’s perfect for Youtube videos!

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  1. More like WANT to buy a dji

  2. The biggest issue for me is the time. ..realistically about 10-12mins

    That's ridiculous considering it's around $950 AUD for the top end package

    Minimum requirement for any drone should be at least 20mins of flight time in any conditions

    I personally would never invest $$$ on any drone that couldn't deliver at least 20mins of flight time

    Unless you're filthy rich & $$$ is pocket change 😂😂😨😨

  3. Very nice review man, i got Spark myself for half a year and its a great drone.
    DJI have an offer on their website for Spark:

  4. I want it for cinematography

  5. I think you should have waited until you could review it with the controller. You can now get it with controller for about the same price. With the controller it is a totally different game…!

  6. Pointless video! The DJI Spark was design as is and it does everything amazing well as it was designed for. The cons list is pathetic, you might as well added it doesn't cook fillet steaks, duh! Hey guess what it wasn't designed with that functionality! Not for professionals? Do you think a professional will not check the spec of a product before purchasing a new piece of kit? Zzzzzz!

  7. Thx for this rewiew my 11yo friend want to buy it i thing he is too young :p

  8. Lol I bought my spark first 🤣😂

  9. the 2axis gimball is as good as the 3axis gimball because of his fantastic digital image stabilisation. Stron winds is no problem for the Spark. The Spark has a 4k camera but is limited due the image stabilisation. You won't find a better drone for this value/money/quality.

  10. Thank you for your video

  11. I had the dji phantom 3 advanced and id like the same features or better, is the dji spark right for me?

  12. Piece of Wanderland

    Great review! I really want to buy this as my first drone for traveling, but I am very hesitant. I heard there are some defects where it will just all of a sudden drop out of the air and break. If something is wrong with it or if it breaks, then I won't be able to get it fixed until I go back to America in several months. Does anyone know if they fixed the defects?

  13. Can it follow me on my dirt bike?

  14. I hate your comment it’s not professional – what? This drone is amazing – the Camera quality is great – so sick of the statements about it doesn’t do 4 k – i can’t tell the difference. Your telling me it not professional because it doesn’t do 4 k? Bullshit.

  15. It's not for Industrial applications? I mean maybe not for all but its tiny form factor gives it so much more versatility vs lets say a mavic, just being able to fly into tiny spaces is so much more useful than that 4k resolution

  16. Gerat video! Thank you!

  17. Guns and Autocross

    Too LATE!!! I already bought it before watching this video LoL. Thank you for sharing this video, it is well explained, I guess I didn’t make a mistake buying if for the type of application I’m using it for haha TY!!!

  18. How are you not related to Dave Dugdale!! You guys should collaborate and blow everybody's minds lol

  19. the specs can actually be compared to a Parrot Mambo FPV tbh

  20. Ron Christian Hidalgo

    Part of the reason you didn't have a GREAT experience with this drone is because you didn't get the remote. The remote actually adds more distance to it and allows you to fly the drone in sport mode. If you haven't bought the remote yet, you should and it will change your mind.

  21. Hey I need help, Dji Spark or Bebop 2 (with sky controller). I am 12 and i already built an fpv racing drone so I have experience flying

  22. Kourkutas2 Kutsukuta

    I wish to have this drone! It's my dream!

  23. So the basic package spark has no remote to fly the drone? I'm new to this hobby.

  24. Perfect video!!!

  25. Who in the world needs 4k

  26. I'm very interested in purchasing this part I have a couple questions 1 drone laws and flight laws or ever-changing is there easy way to figure out my limitations. and two with the spark or any drone does cold weather in general affect how drones fly and navigate

  27. Hey man I liked this video and I'm struggling between if i should get a spark or phantom 3 standard


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