(DJI SPARK DRONE GIVE-AWAY!) How to Avoid Foreclosure Forever! – VIP Financial Education

If you haven’t heard the deafening chatter about the upcoming recession…you’ve been living under a rock!

It’s coming, are you ready? It’s estimated that nearly 10 MILLION homes were lost to foreclosure during the last recession. More than the 1930’s!

In this short video, Matthew Pillmore President of VIP Financial Education, is not only giving away a DJI Spark DRONE FREE this month but is also describing an example of how cash flow could have prevented foreclosure.

Watch the whole video to find out how to win a FREE DJI SPARK DRONE!

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  1. Please give me a drone please my family don't buy a drone

  2. I want to join

  3. My cousin

  4. I would love to win this drone,ive been searching to get a good quality drone for about 1-200 but they are very Exspensive,i live in the Caribbean and I would love to get some great shots from above.I can benefit from this by selling pics or get hired.. Thanks for the opportunity

  5. I would benefit with this!
    And I am thirteen!! I actually have been watching your videos for a while, and think they are interesting. I make cinematography tutorials on my youtube channel "Cinematography Today" and would love the drone.

  6. I am a student that won't grow in instagram, I think that a drone can help me so much…. look my account and say me if you like it @m_4rco
    thank you so much for the opportunity

  7. omg it will benefit me and my friends too as dji or any type of drone are not yet much famous the tips the advice which you give are beneficial as it are the real life examples and experience.

  8. Great video and very informative. Would love to get this drone so I can use it in the Volunteer Fire Service to help with some PR.

  9. I really need this drone I travel a lot and if I get this drone it would be a great opportunity for me. Your videos are really worth watching keep up the hard work

  10. I want to win a drone because it is about to be my son birthday and they cost a lot of money if I get picked you will make my day please pick me

  11. i'd love to win the drone to take photos and video of the nature and other stuff but i can't afford one

  12. Da Majestic Muffin

    I personally think my Grandpa would benefit and also all my family. We are a family that currently owns 2 46/31 foot yachts, all of my grandparents have died due to water-related reason (except from 2 relatives) and my town is doing a best photography/ mini movie and the grand prize is £5000. I would donate this to the RNLI since they tried to save my grandparents from dying and sent out over 5 large boats to help only 1 person. I greatly appreciate this and I already am decent in the drone photography industry, owning a phantom 2 (no gimbal though) and also a Parrot bebop (ran out of battery when boating in the sea, R.I.P) so I think i could win this, also our town is small with about 300 people and only a few will win. It makes matters worse that im only 11 years old and never really got to know my grandparents. This would support the RNLI financially and probably make me the most famous boater in Dover Harbour.

  13. my squad,my boys 🙂
    the way we spend time on summer just has to be filmed and this is a great opportunity to actually do it :).

  14. Kyriakos Charitonos

    My cousin will benefit because we will make a parkour channel on youtube so we will have fantastic videos

  15. My daughter would benefit from this, as she's pretty handy at technical stuff, and making a hobby of this might help nudge her along in that to her benefit in later life!

  16. Please choose me. My brother will benifit because he races(car) and his sponsors want good aerial photography, also to bring more sponsors

  17. shinninglikedastar

    my roommate and I would use this drone for organizations we are part of here at college. We make films every few months and this would enhance our work and encourage those with us. excited for this opportunity!

  18. My sister would absolutely benefit from this drone!! She's been looking around for one and got really interested in the Spark! Thanks for giveaway

  19. My dad would benefit because he really enjoys making drone footages!

  20. My friends and I would benefit from winning the drone because we all like to shoot videos and do filming in the free time.

  21. Pick me

  22. all my family would be beneficiate from this… i love making videos of us.. but i dont have the money for a drone

  23. I am from Barcelona, I have 16 years old. I really love nature, and it would be great to be able to perform air recordings for the places I'm going in a future.

  24. just hope I can win the drone, it's really expensive in Indonesia almost 3years saving upmoney for dji phantom std,thanks for giving the giveaway

  25. If i win the drone what i would use is for getting Beautiful Shot of Mother Nature the blue skies , The trees, a lake , all the stuff i want to do with a dji spark is to get beautiful views Ahhh technology is pure Genius🤤😂😊

  26. My parents have always had Debt. They never showed us how to manage money. I have loved your videos for a long time now. Thanks for the cintest. I appreciate that you are giving back to your audinece.

  27. good video. Love the new footage. Are drones difficult to fly? Must b since you crashed lol

  28. my siblings invest and would love this

  29. good for me and my brother so we can start making some YouTube videos

  30. It is my dream to get a dji drone I don't have enough money to buy it my self

  31. My Parents benefit me in every way to my tippy toes too my older teen self they feed me , they help me through out life , they give me shelter , they educate me with school , and most importantly they gave me Love❣️

  32. mi dad

  33. My neighbor is always talking about how he juggles credit cards and tries to use debts creatively. I think he would love your videos too.

  34. Pick me pick me!!!!! My cousin would love your trainings. I just sent her my favorite video where you show dan and Meghan paying off their house super fast. Thanks for all your trainings.

  35. parents and friends

  36. sorry to hear about your mavic!! I think my church group would love your channel.

  37. my girlfriend would love on of these. What a present to a give her for our anniversary next month!

  38. My father and me because we have a crane company and imgaes eith drone will get good looking for the company but here where i live even the spark is so much expensive

  39. Leonardo Staffolani


  40. my brother is doing photography for a levels and a drone could help a lot but he can't afford it

  41. my mum

  42. of course my sister because she is starting with the cinetomatography 😀

  43. Philip Earvin Jayme

    For this video, my sister will really benefit from the drone for she has talent when it comes to capturing videos. I admire her skills and passion to learn, yet we are not capable to buy such equipments like this drone, so if ever I win, I'll give this to my sister not only as a reward for her passion but as a brother who only wishes her the best in life 🙂

  44. I had No idea that I needed financial advice, but you just pitched it for me, and I see that I might actually need it. Other than me, I think a good friend of mine could use the help as well. we are both students and therefore also short on money.

    The drone would for me help me make even better short films (which is a thing I love).

  45. hi, thanks for the giveaway actually I am from India and the drones are bit expensive here so I would like to get one as I am a fipnaker and photographer…. thanks

  46. I would like to have this drone to give it to my cousin who makes years for the next week

  47. Hey man, I have a friend who is studying economy and is super interested in channels like this. I will reccomend your channel to him for sure! I am a filmmaker with a low budget and I would like to up my game by adding these sick shots from above. Thanks for all the great stuff man

  48. I think my grandfather would of helped him cause his dead but would of helped him with the lands he bought and sold by a low price


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