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-DJI SPARK COMBO w/ Controller!!

This brand new SPARK drone from DJI has a ton of features packed into a small, portable size, offered at DJI’s most affordable price point! There’s SO much to cover, make sure you watch my full in-depth review!

Main Specs and Features:
-Weight (with props and battery): 300 g
-Max speed: 31 mph (Sport mode w/ dedicated controller)
-Max flight time: ~ 16 minutes
-Camera: 1.2/3″ CMOS sensor, 12MP, 1080p 30FPS
-FOV: 81.9° 25mm (35mm format equivalent) f/2.6
-Max Video Bitrate: 24 Mbps
-Max range: 1.2 miles (2km) with dedicated controller

-Build quality looks and feels premium
-Battery is well designed, nice LED indicators, each and quick to click/slide in and out
-Smallest 2-axis gimbal I’ve ever seen, works incredibly well, very stable
-To fully charge a battery took me only 45 minutes which seems fast
-I love the small, portable size
-The Spark adopts all the advanced smart features from previous DJI drones like Active Track (my personal favorite), and includes additional new ones
-Front object avoidance sensors offer peace of mind and confidence when flying
-This could be the perfect first drone for those who have never flown before. It has all the advanced technology packed inside, but offered in a small lightweight package and affordable price (Family vacations, real estate, sports games, etc)

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  1. AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke

    **PRICE is ONLY $499! That's insane!! HURRY pre-order on Amazon: or DJI Store:

  2. Can someone help me figure out what wrong with the dji 4 app? Anyone got any ideas in how I could fix it? I posted a video on my page! Thanks !

  3. hi how would u compare this to parrot bebop 2?

  4. Cyberhippie Collective

    What's the clock @3.15min? 🙂

  5. what kind of wheel ride you have?

  6. I’d like to see more drone reviews

  7. Nice review! I think it will only be $399 this Christmas 🎄! I am getting it with a controller and extra batteries! Thank you for your reviews! The RC cars 🚗 are pretty cool 😎, too!

  8. Background song?

  9. great review

  10. the spark does have a 4k sensor in it but DJI modified it to just do 1080p because its only a 2 axis gimbal system so it needs image stabilisation thats why its only 1080p

  11. love this video watch it about 100000 times

  12. this is the kind of review I am looking for! direct, in-depth, authentic, creative, hi-tech and intellectual! nice one! here from the Philippines, CONGRATS!

  13. this video is such high quality you deserve more subs!

  14. This is not their most affordable drone. The phantom 3 standard is the same price and it is way better than the spark. (I've had both) Personally the Phantom 3 Standard is waaayyyy better for the same price.

  15. Between this Drone and the Parrot Bebop 2, wich one would you recomend as a firt-time Drone?

  16. You forgot, how long it takes to charge the batteries? Nice job, great review.

  17. Great Video! what a cool little drone!

  18. I so want this craft. I have the Cheerwing Cw4. I have had it for a month now. About two hours of flight time total.

  19. pls i want the stuff on the add

  20. super review thanks

  21. bro does how much time a spark battery life stands on flight mode

  22. Which operating system is used Android or apple ?

  23. sorry… but i refuse to drop money on something that tries to limit how i use it.

  24. How about the autonomous flight modes?  waypoints and such. I'd like to record video of me and my cycling team on the road


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