DJI Spark Review! A Great Drone? Or The Greatest Drone?

It’s finally time for the full DJI Spark Review! We’ve talk about the Sparks obstacle avoidance and we’ve compared it to the Mavic for Active Tracking and Image quality. Time to dive into what makes the Spark tick and if its worth getting.

Reviewing the Cheapest Folding Selfie Drone on Amazon!

DJI Spark

DJI Mavic Pro

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  1. So – Everyday Dad – Are you JONESIN for a DJI Mavic AIR?

  2. hahahaha i tought your name was tedd lol 🙂

  3. Just so everyone knows…you can't convert 30p to 24p without stuttering artifacts unless you use interpolation with some form of optical flow. Don't even waste your time trying it. Unless you studied professional videography, it's understandable to think you could. So, now you know.

  4. the wave function works only if you wave with 2 hands 😉

  5. I have a mavic and I bought a spark for my nephew , now I wondering why did I pay the extra money for the mavic ….. Im agree 100 with this review tho

  6. Check out the $50 Visum drone (looks like the mavic)

  7. One tip: you can slowed down from 30fps to for example 24fps and there's no choppy anyymore. Offcourse you get little slow-mo with this but I most like use slow-mo anyhow for aerial shots to smooth movements a little bit.

  8. Agree agree agree. I'm a dad and I love drones. But I've spent so much money on cheap drones that weren't good and never thought I could afford a quality drone. Then comes the spark. Perfect price for the quality. Can't wait to take it to the river and Chase the kids with it when they are on the jetski! . Good review and you have a new sub.

  9. Awesome they are great drones I got a new drone it's a parrot ar drone 2.0

  10. Good video man! Love my new Spark my wife got me for Christmas!

  11. you make awesome reviews thanks`!!!

  12. You have to also move your entire arm from your elbow

  13. Hey Everyday Dad…. might be a dumb question but can the Mavic do everything the Spark can do? other then the 4K and more time difference? Just really struggling with which one… lol as most people I guess

  14. Subscribe to this guy I like him he is pretty good for drones not many people have done good reviews like this . Thumbs up
    On the vid

  15. You can’t compare the spark to the Mavic. 2 different types of drones. 2 different price points. 2 different uses

  16. Tedd You are the best drone review maker I've ever seen indeed.Thank you.You convinced me to buy a Spark although the battery time didn't satisfy me.

  17. Spark (399.99) and mavic (899.99) are on sale at best buy !

  18. What is the app for the spark called?

  19. best review when it comes to spark and magic comparing. thank you and Im going to go for spark.

  20. I watch the videos from the Spark on my 4K HDTV (which allegedly upconverts the video quality) and the 1080p video is amazing.  I honestly don't think I need a drone that shoots 4K video.  I think it would just be overkill.  Absolutely no complaints on the 1080p from my Spark.

  21. I've been looking at purchasing the Spark as a portable, easy to fly drone.  I travel a lot so the compact size is a big deal. I was a bit concerned about the video I have seen on different youtube reviews as they were a bit choppy. You are the only reviewer that has explained why that is and compensating for that show a great video picture ( at least what I'm looking for). After this video I have searched out your other videos and I'm addicted (and subscribed)! Great job, and keep those videos coming Everyday Dad.

  22. Mehring Productions

    Thanks for the interesting review! Subscribed!

  23. The new parrot bebop 2 power
    Is also 1080
    Doesn’t have obstacle avoidance
    But has 30 min flight time plus extra battery
    Longer range
    Better lighting in video
    And awesome autonomous flight

  24. Simply thank you, sir!

  25. Funny , I have just sold my mavic and bought a spark because the 1080 is superior over the mavic

  26. Great review, you have just confirmed what I was thinking. I have a phantom 3 advanced that I can use when I need a bit distance but find myself cursing its size at times. think I will get a spark for close work and backpacking. many thanks for a great review.

  27. 19:18 Watched again, covered TEDD's face with my hand, and watched the Spark talk animated. 🙂

  28. Well I'm getting the spark. Cuz I can't afford Mavic LOL

  29. And i hate ignorant people towards to drone

  30. I agree with his decision ever seens i bought the spark my mavic has been sitting on the shelve. Spark it just so easy to carry and so easy to set up only took me less than 25 sec compare to mavic. But im keeping my mavic lol

  31. Hey what's up, in the new update DJI added some more functionality, including 4k shooting in gesture mode, so it has the capability to shoot 4k just not switched on, as it uses that part of the onboard technology for some electronic stabilisation so who know maybe in the next update they my turn 4k on ?? handy & only interested 'cose you can crop the 4k to 1080p for better results & still photos . I love my Spark aswell man 🙂

  32. Thanks for the intro the the Spark… now, let's get started. … you did a nice job shooting this video from you good cam.


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