DJI Tutorials – Spark – Linking Spark and Connecting to WiFi

Setting up and activating Spark for use is as easy as connecting any mobile device to Spark’s WiFi network. Learn how to get up and running in this helpful tutorial.

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  1. Can you use the controller from a mavic to control the spark

  2. To activate the battery how long it’s gonna take

  3. a real pain setting it up

  4. Worst ever

  5. Yes.. duh.. but what if the Spark is not broadcasting a wi-fi network???
    Try this:

  6. every time I want to link my Spark to my phone I have to turn on the Spark then hold the power button for 9 sec or the 3 DDD as you call it. Then go to Wifi settings. Then put in the password then open the DJI GO 4 APP then scan the box then reset all my settings. There has to be an easier way to get this done.

  7. Mine stayed red all 4 lights on the drone. I’m so frustrated I can’t get it. Fly more combo. I couldn’t get any wifi it says no internet. So I held the button for 6 seconds now it stays red….??

  8. Same issues here! Bought the combo pack. Turned on rc and drone. Solid green lights. Can't scan qr, tried to set up wifi, it shows spark but, says no Internet connection? Don't know what to do??

  9. discovered today, by calling dji, if you have the fly more remote, you have to connect the the remote and not the spark. the wifi that shows up on your phone is to the remote not the drone. so, use the info on the back of the remote controller. you can bet i told DJI they might want to let customers know……..

  10. Meu spark não aparece na lista do wi-fi, não conecta no meu fone j5 Samsung

  11. I tried it more than 20 times but it doesnt work 😐

  12. FOR EVERYONE WHO can’t connect their phone to the spark do this step by step directions
    1. Fully turn on your drone
    2.hold down the drones power button until you hear 2 beeps.
    3. Turn off your drone
    4. Turn it back on.
    5. Connect to its WiFi (password and name is on spark and on its box.

  13. Ho spostato tutto quello che avevo del cell da memoria interna alla micro sd e mi diceva spostando il tutto perdevo dei dati lo fatto e nel app DJI GO 4 non c'è rimasto poco niente disistallarla e installarla di nuovo mi tocca rifare tutto da capo come la prima volta o perdo tutti i dati. Grazie!


  14. Salve i codici posti sul retro del rc dello Spark il WI-FI e la Password sono quasi spariti e con il QR non li legge più e li ho cancellati per sbaglio dal telefono come posso fare per sincronizzarli di nuovo telefono e RC……


  15. You have great video but i still fail to link my spark with my controller and my phone. First I try to connect to wi-fi, instead it disconnects the wi-fi when I enter the password. I am not an expert in operating any of the devices but i try many times and i just cant seem to start any of it.

    I am not sure what i have to do to use the hand gesture controls ether. I thought i can operate the flight by simply first click once, then click twice for starting then quick click twice to do the face recognition and it will fly, nothing works. Please can you advise me how to do any of it please?

  16. ᔕᗩᗰE

  17. if you're having problem with the scanning stuff just go manually wifi name and password on the dji drone case.

  18. the wifi doesn't even come up

  19. scanning QR code does not work on moto x play android 7.1.1

  20. My live video came chopped plse help me

  21. It took me 5 hours to relized that i needed to connect to spark's wifi first before scanning the qr code

  22. How long does it take to charge durning hibernation

  23. Can't find spark on my wifi???

  24. QR code won't scan, wifi keep falling off and remote won't connect to spark.  DJI  any help or advice would be grateful

  25. Hi DJI Team  – I just wondering if I change my spark Wi-Fi password to prevent somebody stealing my drone but in the video saying we could change it back to factory default password which is written on the spark body itself so what is the point changing the password? I just didn't get it or maybe there is a different way to protect it?

  26. I want a dji spark

  27. I want a dji spark

  28. I lov dji spark

  29. i created a wifi name for my spark but when i try to sign-in on my phone through the app it does not work. How am i able to reset the network setting on the drone? Pls help thanks!

  30. please help me how to fix my drone because is always red ligth

  31. What if you don't have a controller, how do you set it up with mobile

  32. Very help thank DJI TUTORIAL

  33. You are going to fast.  Explain yourself as there are reasons for what you are doing.   Almost useless as most of what you said did not work.  It would not scan for me etc.

  34. Ok….so what if you don't have the fly more combo?? Ummm I have a galaxy s7edge…..and it says cannot scan qr code….? What to do ….what to do????

  35. I want to get the spark without the remote since I'm broke but will it be almost the same if I'm using the phone for the drone???

  36. So… Do i need to reset the device every time i want to connect and use the phone as the controller? And then again pair the remote controller every single time? Fucking hell that´s not acceptable? I can connect to both but not without the 9 second hold for mobile phone and not without re-pairing the RC controller afterwards… Please help!

  37. Spark and controller connected to WiFi and i can connect to each individually
    But cant connect them tougether(((((
    i did everything that i can find in Internet for 1 day:
    – downgrade and refresh firmware
    – reset controller and Spark to factory settings
    – connect with OTG
    – tried pair through app
    – tried pair alone without WiFi
    Nothing – just nothing ((
    I need help

  38. I have the combo to but when I come to connect my remote control to my phone it doesn't show up

  39. Maybe an informative vdieo. However, why that disturbing loud background music?
    Confusing, at least for me as old and non-native English!

  40. this won't work on my phone i got s5 can u help i download the dji go4 app and the app won't work??

  41. How can i register my spark if its wifi is connected with my phone and not the Internet ? My phone is samsung note 2 – version 4.4.2


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