1. ~ Dennis, I've got my 8 year old using DroneBlocks for a local construction project on her Phantom 4 (under my supervision) Hopefully she'll be able to teach her classmates when summer vacation is over and 4th grade starts.
    As a Paramedic, I have taught and she's become well aware of the safety factors.

  2. I'm a Library Media Specialist in Winnetka, IL. I am currently teaching my students to program drones using Tynker and Parrot Minidrones. Drone blocks looks like a logical next step for them. I'm very excited to learn about this program and will be learning as much as I can about how to integrate these tools in my practice. So exciting!

  3. I got my Mavic on 12 days ago and I decided to check in and see how drone blocks was doing.
    What should I do to get started using it, Should I sign up for the stem course or is that just for 4-8 grade teachers?

  4. This is exactly what I'm looking for! But I have the 3DR Solo.  In one of your earlier videos you mentioned that it might be supported for the android platform.  I use IOS but could buy an Android Tablet for this purpose.  Is that still possible, or have you abandoned plans to support it?  I think with all the Solos flooding the market (with mostly new users) your app would be especially useful for that machine.  Thanks again for all your hard work!

  5. This is fantastic Dennis, my son's year 5 class is in for a bit of excitement.

  6. Hi Dennis, will it be possible to integrate DroneBlocks with DroneKit or MAVLink to also create missions for the APM or the PX4 flight stacks?

  7. This is amazing. I'll be trying this out with my 3rd Grade son, hopefully starting tonight. I would then like to approach his teacher to see if we can try something with my P4.

  8. You guys are brilliant …:-)

  9. Awesome ! I am a Geography professor of young students here in Northeast of Brazil, and for sure I will spread Drone topic thought this.course methodology! Thanks to your effort , all your videos here on YouTube are very helpful. thanks and please, never stop !


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