Drone VS Collective Pitch Helicopter!

Jeff Orta is not only a great kwad pilot, but he also flies HUGE RC helicopters! Upside down! Today he shows us the ropes, and Drew sees just how close he can get his kwad to a giant whirly blade of death in the sky.

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-Pilots / Hosts-
Drew Camden [Le Drib] https://www.youtube.com/ledribfpv
Jeff Orta [VORT3X] https://www.youtube.com/vort3xfpv

-Production Team-
Chad Kapper – Executive Producer
Christian Kapper – Editor

By: 7db

Sometimes I Get Sad
By: Nightime Burnout

By: Nightime Burnout

By: Nightime Burnout

By: 7db




  1. Kevin Danger Powers

    Cool video but I can't take your eye liner….

  2. Those things sound so scary when they rapidly change direction. I was ALWAYS behind a safe obstacle, if someone flew such a thing. Can you imagine the amount of slow progress you have to put on in flying these, because a crash is so often a supercostly crash, other than a spare carbon arm or some props or motors or escs for your quad. I had a friend training for 2 years to just calmly fly it, let alone doing acrobatics.

  3. Dribs shirt is wild

  4. What's the point? Realistic flight is more fun to watch

  5. A little heavy on the eye makeup bro.

  6. I wonder how come back In The day R.C. gas powered or glow fuel airplanes had a longer battery life compared to now , back in the day like 28 years ago you could fly a R.C. Airplane for 20 minutes but had to charge the battery’s over night , now you charge a battery for a hour & a half & you have 3 to 8 minutes of flight time , WHY CANT THESE COMPANIES THAT MAKE THESE THINGS MAKE THE FLIGHT TIME LONGER LIKE 20 TO 25 MINUTES .

  7. wow, finally some breakbeats 😉 you add a dimension to 3D

  8. You should of used a real drone that has autonomous flight modes with follow me mode instead of calling a quad a drone and tried to do a follow me. smh

  9. two things …eye liner and that thing is damn complicated

  10. that was SO EPIC

  11. Of all the aircraft, this is clearly my favorite. SO amazing. SO impressive. SO dangerous. SO cool. Still not ready to go inverted but maybe soon. It kinda sucks when you crash.

  12. That is a fking scary thing, would shit my pants if that would come close. Awesome.

  13. Wicked 🙂

  14. Quads are only good at small sizes though, above a certain size response goes to hell because of motor and rotor inertia. It's why you don't see much in the way of aerobatics done with something the size of a bigger camera platform quad. With a collective pitch system the inertia isn't much of a problem. So at some point the only way to get performance out of a larger quad is to replicate a collective system 4X.

  15. Love You guise . #almost quiet good idea . FPV IT ; You rule Frome France

  16. As a heli pilot, I'm gonna state that all drone pilots are soy boys.

  17. I want to see a real helicopter do that crazy shit!

  18. Fly the Heli fpv pls😍😂

  19. PaintballBlazer17 123


  20. sooooooo. While inverted up is down and down is expensive……….(with helis)

  21. Casper Aleksandersen

    Are you wearing mascara?

  22. I'll stick to the kwads. Far more control and FPV. I like to fly in a bird like fashion. All about the footage and control combined with long range.

  23. Ever flown a gas powered quadcopter? They work like the helicopter, except duplicate the main heli rotor four times. The only thing I can't remember about them is how they do yaw, since all four rotors are driven off the engine at the same speed, you can't slow opposite rotors to get a rotational moment. Either way really cool mechanical system for the rotors, and love seeing helicopters.

  24. why do u wear eyeliner

  25. why were you recording from behind the fence?

  26. The RC Element (Heli Edition)

    Impressive work guys!!

  27. after seeing the self leveling of the swash plate i am in awe of this side of RC flying…

  28. Me: Showing CP helicopter videos to my wife so we can get one for my birthday. (Its time I graduated from 4 channel ones)
    Wife: Why is the guy with the camera behind the fence? I can't see the helicopter very well.
    Me: (without thinking) Because the camera man desn't have a death wish. The helicopter blades spin so fast you can actually cut your head off if you are not careful. Those things can cut through bone!
    Wife: WHAT!? and it never occurred to you to tell me THAT!?
    Me: Uh oh!
    Wife: THE HELL I am letting you get a helicopter like that for your birthday!!!! (storms out of my office)
    Me: Ffffffffffffff….. (why did I open my freaking mouth)!!!

    RIP my birthday gift. It was good to fantasize about you!

  29. Lalit Ke Experiments

    Really top level helicopter toys

  30. It maybe harder to fly but In compassion to a quad helicopters are boring.

    That 3d helicopter looks broken when it's it's doing tricks.

  31. This is not a quad vers heli video at all. I wanted to see the difference of what they can do in the air. Ex: a helli can do all sorts of tricks a quad cant, but wait, my quad does many things the heli cant. That is what I wanted to see in a video named "Drone VS Collective Pitch Helicopter". Also the price of my LOS quad is $200 ($11 batteries), vers mega bucks for the heli, and last, crash resistance, compare the quad to the heli 🙂 here is a old video of what my quad can do https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHoFfpLSb2g Love to see the heli do a taz 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  32. Frank The CADD Monkey

    Would love to see more Heli content stuff as they are rotor craft as well…

  33. Has anyone strapped an FPV cam to a Heli?

  34. looks realistic 🤦‍♂️

  35. thats so much fun to watch

  36. why is that dude wearing eye liner??????? WTF???!!!!!!

  37. The Crack Rabbit

    Just curious. Can someone explain the eyeliner?

  38. Awesome…So stoked to see this.

  39. CHARPU, do the vid, make the Storie. get him on RR !!!!!!

  40. BIG head
    LONG blades


  41. I love quads, but helicopters are my absolute passion. Watching le drib follow one in slow-mo is just the best thing I've seen today, and I'm currently at an indoor RC fly event.


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