Go Inside the World’s First $1 Million Drone Race

March 21 — The World Drone Prix in Dubai was the first million dollar drone race, with the winning team taking home a cool $250,000. We meet the tech-loving thrill-seekers behind the sport who want to turn it into the next big thing. (Video by Austin Brown and Tom Gibson)(CORRECTION: An earlier version of this video incorrectly stated that a portion of the prize money was given to the winning team’s sponsor, Tornado.)

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  1. Taylor Daniel Sciff

    The professional flyers will work eventually for the CIA SPECIAL OPT AND TERRORIST TO KILL AND CARRY OUT ASSASSINATIONS

  2. Guns and Autocross

    Race it like 20+ years ago, no goggles, just guess-timate and skills…

  3. Ok so now flying drones has become a racing sport?!? What a fck joke! Buch of wannabes! They look so lame by trying to look like real professional racer drivers with their one-piece white suites. Please please don't tell me their suits were made with Nomex! Lol They're not seating inside their drones next to a fuel tank! Colorful cool team gears yes ok that would makes perfect sense. But not  "I wanna look like Lewis Hamilton" kind of gear. But the biggest idiots are the arabs who financed that race if they put the one-piece suit mandatory. Geeze they can make cheesy events and wasting their easy-earned money.

  4. Who else skipped the video forward expecting to see actual racing footage?.

  5. I'm a drone fan. A lot of fun to fly around . But this is stupid lol

  6. this is more peoples backs than racing, poorly made video…

  7. they have drone racing now…… i miss the days where kids would just go outside to play ball climb a tree or just have fun outside with no electronics now its all they do and its really sad. don't get me wrong i do support playing video games cuz it helps with hand eye coordination but there has to be a limit.

  8. PSY?

  9. I wish Room 2 made these type of vids!

  10. i cant wait for this sport to get big as big as soccer/football and to see world cups of this sport i got into it but i donot have a real drone i have a toys r us quad copter 🙂

  11. Onboard ?! Racing ?!

  12. Big whoop should lose for having a stupid ass name

  13. Oh so these rich people can give money towards building a $ 1 Million dollar toy race track, but don't seem to show any sign of sympathy towards those who have nothing no food no water our generation need to take a second to think about each other's well being not individual satisfaction beyond the bare necessities

  14. The announcer in the last video of this race didn't know what color each team was so he had no idea who was in the lead. Then their not sure who exactly won or how they did it. Best lap or first to finish? I know things will improve but leaving a noob like me confused about this hobby and race is not good. Chances of me returning now are very slim.

  15. Yay where clapping for Saturday

  16. This is a cover for world destruction and you guys don't see it. Why do you thing those sand rats offered a million dollar price and a track like this. They get people all over the world who build drones find the best and have you build them drones. You don't need a very large drone to fly in a emp or bomb at night under cover and take out cities.

  17. Dress like F1 racing pilot…. 😂

  18. Drone best item!

  19. Team X blades? What is this? Disney's Brink!?

  20. 3:24 "his main business is selling drugs" ?!

  21. Racism will never die

  22. I dislike this!

  23. I do not see any entertainment for the spectators, unless they are given those glasses and can play as well.

  24. Получанкин Михаил

    как задолбали эти видео, ну нахрена мне эти рожи? ни в одном таком ролике я не увидел трассу и как они летают. 1.5 секунды и вырубают.

  25. Have we heard anything of this overhyped so called league come 2017 or has it crashed and burned like XFL

  26. drone racing is a dead sport

  27. It's interesting that there is such ignorance on the engineering side.

  28. Track looks kind of boring honestly. There's just that one large hill.

  29. These Are The Days

    I also wear a full FIRE jumpsuit when flying my drone. SAFETY first

  30. WoooW……………..

    Now, you know…

  32. Love drones and editing my footage. If you subscribe to me please comment and il sub back

  33. Of course its in fucking dubai.

    Wtf was I expecting

  34. Omg, I was there watching this!

  35. This is cool, but it will never really catch on. With NASCAR or F1 there is that heart stopping moment during a crash, when a drone crashes it's just lame.

  36. Why is that kids right eye a demon eye at 4:35 anyone see that?

  37. waste of money

  38. what if one day the future of drone racing had the pilot in the seat of a scaled up version? no more nascar or gas powered motorsports…. 🙂

  39. F zero…so it begins

  40. Wow, feminists were are you when gender quota equality needs to be enforced.

  41. i love drone racing but i crshed and burned my latest drone😥😥😪😪😥😥😭😭😭

  42. interesting video, but I must say… 1080p 60fps my fuzzy white ass

  43. Awesome idea, but it should evolve more, so the track can react on the pilot's achievements, and the public can be more involved to the show. You're pioneering the new kind of a sport here, don't make same mistakes as F1 did, which is boring as hell now. Make it powerful, make it kicking, clash real and digital worlds, create an amazing UX, while you can!

  44. Drone

  45. Why host this in the UAE? Nasty stuff goes on in these regions.

  46. 5:13 Mr Steele xd

  47. good video, please watch my video and give me feedback

  48. It's a growing community of tech-loving thrill seekers, young and old some with jobs and some with kids, some still in school………. but defiantly no females…….give me a break!


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