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  2. Damn…I thought of something a lot better. You have a drone dome on your roof and upon a possible break in the family goes into a panic room where you are able to control the drone. I forgot to mention the drone is armed with a gun.

  3. guys , i don't trust that guy

  4. we made this up a s a joke a few years ago…….. and it still is…. i hear vaporwear all over that interview

  5. What about one that has weapons like tear gas and such, the cops seem to be siding with criminals these days. You know, like on Robo Cop pt. I "place the weapon on the ground and step back"…"failure to comply…you have 3 seconds to comply"..

  6. WTF is the name of the company, WTF

  7. Most of my job experience is in private security, so I'm very excited to see these. Yet shooter innovation for private security.

  8. What happens if the intruders are in a car.. does it know the sounds/ vibrations of the owners cars..? thanks

  9. COST? I want one, this is cool.


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