Day 2 at the Hong Kong 🇭🇰 race!! Honestly had way too much fun… getting to actually sit in the pilot pits and give it all I had. Managed to qualify and make rank higher than I expected since I barely practice and was flying with all new gear. Awesome being interviewed for the Chinese media hahha fun times 😉

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  1. i wish i could the contest..

  2. Have they transitioned to 6S? What was the most popular frame in that race?

  3. Congratulations for being interviewed by the Chinese media <3
    You did pretty good considering you barely flew this quad before!
    Happy midweek and happy flying!

  4. Ahh looks like fun, wish our team was out there! Give us a shout out on your next video hahahahaha!!! 🙂 -Alex

  5. Yeah man! Sending it !!!!

  6. Well done my friend. Regards

  7. epic i wish i was there with you guys


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