I’m official! FAA Drone Pilot Certification

After waiting 2 months, my official FAA Drone Pilot Certification card arrived in the mail!
Check out my FAA test taking experience:
Hellions Rise:

If you’re looking to be a commercially certified drone pilot in the US, enroll in the Drone Pilot Ground School below.

Get $50 off by using the code: RICKER50

Buy the Phantom 4 Pro:
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  1. You can help support my channel by using my links below:
    Looking to become a Part 107 certified drone pilot in the US? Get $50 off the Drone Pilot Ground School by using the code: RICKER50
    Mavic Pro: http://click.dji.com/AElm23aHNE0v6OgCNhZN?pm=custom
    Mavic Care Refresh: http://click.dji.com/AHGxFkh1tZnCGmnwt8Kg?pm=link&as=0001

  2. Sportbike Drone Pilot

    Took the Part 107 examination today and PASSED !!!! Honestly some of what's covered here was on the exam so study because one needs to be very prepared. It wasn't an easy test.

  3. Vale Tudo Concepts

    Thank you sir!!!!!!

  4. Adventures with Monkey

    After passing the test. What is next ?

  5. Thanks Ed, for the recommendation and $50 off savings. I just signed up and will probably be their oldest student!

  6. is that the part 107 commercial license? that looks dif from my faa private license.

  7. Wow 10 views in March and now you are already at 21K. Awesome. I have one subscriber. LOL

  8. Ed. Need to vlog about the FAA maps release today

  9. Rick, what are the requirements for the drone cert?

  10. Just a heads up, I received my card in the mail last week and was so excited. Upon inspection of the card, I realized that it did not have a "Date Of Issue" printed on the card. I contacted the FAA and they told me that there was a problem with a batch of cards and they were aware of it, and had fixed the problem. However, I needed a new card. Without the Date Of Issue listed, I would have to carry my paper copy with me. I gave them my information and they mailed me a new card. I received it yesterday and it is correct! Just make sure that if you have recently gotten your card, that the Date Of Issue is printed on there. If not, contact the FAA.

  11. Do CASEY have it? 😀

  12. So if I pay $250 for this test at this site I get the part 107 license certification correct? This is not a training and then I have to go and pay to take the FAA certification? This is only a study course? $250? Really ed? Why not just read the book? Love your vids bud.

  13. You should have a giveaway prize after you hit 10k subscribers…..

  14. Congrat's on the certification and almost 10k subs ! I'm looking to get my certification soon as it will always come in handy.

  15. Aerial Drone Master

    congratulations, I got mine last year, it was harder than expected

  16. Very cool videos. Subscribed.

  17. I received my plastic card today. No date of issue on my card. hmmm

  18. Hey ed. Im obsessed with your mavic videos. Just got mine a few weeks ago and studying for the test through the same prep. Lots of tough information to know and doing reasonable on the practice tests. But I'm wondering if you found anything on the actual test that wasn't in the prep or anything you wished you focused more on?

    Great job on the 88 and will keep looking out for more videos.

  19. @EdRickerVlogs Oh I was going to ask, have you ever managed or know anyone who has managed to use waypoint mode to record some nice shots of say one subject from different angles? So say they have two people talking and they want the drone to fly up and over the top them then turn and strafe and then maybe circle them like point of interest and whatever else might be possible?

  20. That Velcro idea is a pretty good one. Think I might need to try that myself. Actually there you go, give the rest of that Velcro away as a little prize when you hit the 10k subscriber mark.

  21. Awesome…still waiting on mine!

  22. Mavic giveaway for 10k. Haha just kidding!

  23. Dear Ed Ricker As is the process to become certified as a Drone pilot in the United States?
    Thanks for help me!

  24. Congratulations

  25. What is that handheld point and shoot? Is that really the G7X!?

  26. Ed, how did you find the test. Common sensical or technical.

  27. When you hit 10,000 subs you should give me your Mavic pro ;);) how bout dat;)

  28. Congrats on the Cert, ED. Good deal! As for the milestone of subscribers…I think you should have a "10K Giveaway", featuring DJI…how's that sound??

  29. Hey Edward! Congratulations first of all!!
    i crashed my phantom 4 pro yesterday and forgot to register it for DJI care refresh!!! 🙁 now it's broken and gimball is broken as well! DJI refused to fix . i don't know what to do now. is there any possible way to get ut fixed? i saved for months to buy that and i'm a student.

  30. California Airborne

    Congrats, Ed! I finally got my card just in the past week, too. GO FLY!

  31. Feri K. - Aerodron

    My congratulations!

  32. Congrats! I'm studying right now!

  33. Congratulations on your 107! Your videos have helped out a lot with some of my drone questions and I am thinking about using Drone Pilot Ground School to help get me ready for my 107. Keep up the good work!

  34. Congratulations!

  35. Thanks for the shoutout on your channel. Let me know when you want to fly again. I'll start studying for ground school…

  36. Although Media Productions

    So you need this in order to fly a drone?

  37. Above The Pines Productions

    Congratulations. We must have taken our test within days of each other. My official cert was issued just days ago (6 weeks after test date) and I expect my card any day. Way to go.

  38. Guillaume Funfrock

    Aloha, I didi my test in december, and I still wait for my card. My question is did the FAA contact you after the test ?

  39. Whoa wait! I thought I just needed to register?

  40. now you have to get approval to fly near a airport anyways….

  41. 10k drone meet up movie competition!!

  42. Cool man! I passed my Part 107 in early February and still waiting on the physical card. Good to have an idea of the time frame.
    Enjoying your vids!

  43. Wow that took a long time to come in!

  44. Great update – What about 10k equals some giveaways from Freewill???

  45. Idea: TO pass 10K subs, through an all inclusive party for subs only

  46. Got mine two weeks ago…now just waiting for shipping of my Mavic

  47. Hey Ed did you by chance consider https://remotepilot101.com/ when deciding what course to take? They are a little cheaper ($150 for lifetime access) and seem to have good reviews…anything in your experience that stuck out (positive and/or negative) about Drone Pilot Ground School?

  48. Awesome! Well done, Ricker. I'm still rocking my smooth, paper Temp. Part 107 Cert. until my sweet card comes.


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