Minimum number of flight hours for a drone pilot you’re looking to hire

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  1. Good Vibrations DJ Entertainment

    There are 8760 hours in a year. Where did you get the 2000 number from?

  2. Dream Gene Exotic Reptiles

    I agree with the other posters, It is sad to see what is supposed to help people in education turn to mostly commercially promoting items non related that shows disparate measures to keep drone u staying afloat. Like I said, weak management before and much misinformation. Reading the posters below me, proves this point. Further questions, why would you be hesitant to tell your "tips" to those you claim to want to educate when your video and website specifies you would basically part of your teaching. False promotions there for everyone to refuse to even consider paying near 50 a month. If they go to pilot 101, much better award winning true pilots, a one time fee, with the experience of professional manned aircraft and drones. You and your team are a joke, scam artist with misinformation I proved you gave on other vids. No wonder your trying to sell items, people are seeing right through you and you are losing money. Get out of this market before you look more stupid.

  3. He said that there is only 2,000 hours in a year??? There is actually 8,760 hours in a year. This guy is a fool.

  4. I like the concept of this channel but these guys talk too much about nothing. It's so annoying! Also why is the other guy even on here. All he ever says is "yep" "right" "ok"

  5. I'm having a difficult time seeing the value for a $47/mo membership for DroneU.

  6. ha. I agree, live flights are tough to manage! so much multitasking, but great advertising….

  7. Tornado flight movement? I looked on the Internet and found nothing!

  8. Yawn – unsubscribe

  9. Hey Paul I'm watching the Part 107 test prep recording from Denver Part 1 right now and it's worth the price of admission alone! But it's freakin ironic how you said you were very leery of the GoPro Karma and it is the very drone that ended up going through someone's window 20 stories up just recently. Crazy!!! You hit it right on the head!

  10. Dose flight time on rc planes and helies and fpv racing quads count

  11. Zycie w Californii

    i am tired od this charky whatever is called advertisement.

  12. So I tried googling the tornado flight movement but came up with nothing….any info??

  13. More time wasted on advertisement and paid subscribers got a watch that listen to this 10 minute video on drone

  14. roll left yaw right???

  15. A tornado flight movement.. Hmm….. are you going to explain what that is so that people are aware of it, or are you just going to be a smug prick about it and sit there?

    Wow, someone's has agreed to marry you…. Did she pass all your asinine overzealous questions? 😉

  16. I like your videos in general, but not sure if you understand what "waste your time" means when you say, I'm not going to "waste your time and get right into it" at 3:48 into the video when you actually talk about the topic. But besides the "mold in coffee story" aside, great videos.

  17. I think a check list would be great! I want to professionally fly drones…. I'm in the 100-150 hours category…. surprisingly flight Sims my whole life helped me fly drones so much better…. but in order to have the knowledge needed to become a "better" drone pilot with a check list of certain things we can study and become good/excellent with that would be super appreciative! Thanks for the show!

  18. I can't help but ask, but why would someone hiring you to get content for them care if you crash your drone? I would think they would care if your drone crashes into property of theirs but other than that, they really just want the content you promised to create. I am assuming the client is just Joe Blo who does not have drone knowledge of course.

  19. ch'arki has insane sugar content. too many processed calories.


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