B. breaks down the 5 best apps for Drones.

2) Drone Deploy
4) 3 DR Solo
5) Freeflight 3


Phantom 3 Professional- This is my baby. I’ve flown this drone more than any other drone and shot with it more. It’s an amazing workhorse that defines dependability. Just make sure you get ND filters ( for your camera and you’ll be flying like a pro in no time.

Estes Proto X Microdrone- This little fella right here is what started it all. My very first drone. SUPER difficult to fly, but that’s the best way to get started. Make your mistakes here…and grow into a dope ass pilot. Nothing fancy about this drone, it flies and moves the way you tell it to. Learn to point the nose of the drone while you fly and you’ll be heads and…

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  1. Litchi is number one for Phantoms. DJI software is a mess – And it's a mess because like the rest of DJI, they are crappy at service.

    FACT: DJI Go software really only runs well on the Apple Ipad Air 2 and the Ipad mini 3! AND NOT THE REGULAR APPLE – But rather you need the Wifi + cellular to get all the features. Very pricey prospect! No other tablet will work well with the DJI software. The DJI software will not have all features in Android – But worse still is the fact that on Android the program frequently crashes! Very scary prospect indeed! But you odn't have to believe me. Google the forums.

    Will DJI get better? Absolutely not! Again, google the forums. The DJI Go program has gotten consistently worse with each subsequent version of the program that is released – And the service tech's try to blame the phones!

    In the final analysis, it seems clear Litchi is the winner. [Do to the nature and price of Drone Deploy, I am excluding that consideration for the average drone user.]

  2. Does the 3dr solo app work with DJI drones? Like the phanom 4 ?

  3. Yo, B.!
    It's been a year… With the additions to Kittyhawk functionality, the update nightmare of DJI Go, and Verizon purchasing Skyward, among many other things… Isn't it about time to do this segment again covering the latest products?
    And – speaking of Skyward: What's your experience with it, if any; and what's good/not good about it?
    Cheers, bro!

  4. The boot to free flight is wrong. Way points are free you pay extra for follow me only.
    And now free flight 5 is out eith throw me, literally just throw the drone and away it goes killer.
    Smash crash and ram Parrot drones they'll never die. Do the same to DJI and WHAM a drone only worth use as a paper weight or boat anchor. CRAP build. And dont get me started on data logging and not letting you fly where ever and whenever you want.
    I have both DJI and parrot. Have flown DJI 5 times last count if you just count Bebop 1 thats over 100 flights. Bebop 2 over 150. And both are less than 8 months old.

  5. Obviously you havent tried litchi

  6. Great video!!! Love your vibe keep up the great work

  7. Im subscribing for the culture

  8. Piloto RPA Oscar Bríñez

    hi, "dji go" have a fail, don't show real cordenades of Drone

  9. ur accent amazing

  10. Will any of the Top 5 solve the DJI Go install problem? I am a new pilot with a Phantom 3 Pro. DJI Go loaded on my iPhone with out a glitch. However it will not load on my 3rd generation iPad running iOS 9.3.5.. Will not get past the Connect to Drone step. Per web comments many, many, many + others have the same problem with Apple and Android products. DJI is ignoring the problem. What would you recommend for a new pilot.

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  12. thanks

  13. are there any apps that you can use to connect your phone to the fpv camera that isn't like a specific one for the drone

  14. Of the 5 app(s) reviewed – Which can be used to fly 3dr's "SOLO" ? What about " LITCHI" 's app.? Have you used it & how does it compare with your favorites ?

  15. Hey what's your take on the app ? Just curious about your opinion on it.

  16. good video , good images and history

  17. Check out the app. It's awesome for commercial pilots!

  18. I've downloaded this and it is similar to hover, but I feel better. You got weather. You have your fleet listed. You can connect AIRMAP, DJI, sUAS Registration, RPIC Certificate. It has custom checklists, locations, list your batteries even. I'm digging it so far.

  19. Litchi is by far better than dji go. I'm surprised with you being a dronr you haven't mentioned it. Why?

  20. Well done! thx 🤙

  21. New Subscriber here, Great info, TY. My Mavic upgrades firmware right from the phone.

  22. Interesting selection, however I would have preferred apps that are more useful for a variety of drones, not proprietary, like one for the Parrots or the 3DR. And, I'm surprised that Litchi didn't make it even to the 5 position. AZ Screen Recorder is another great app not mentioned, not specifically for drones, but for recording your screen. Thanks for the review anyway.

  23. i am looking for anything better the freeflight pro app

  24. besides the freeflight pro app will any of these other apps work with the bebop 1 drone

  25. @DRONR.Hello!Recently I buyed a micro Senxiang S49.I cannot understand the manual cuz it is in Chinese.And I Want to connect to its Camera with my Mobile.But I cannot find its app.Please can you suggest a App for Senxiang S49.I used Drone Deploy and 3dr But it does not work!.Please suggest a app

  26. Dronedeploy gets shitty reviews on the The Play store…

  27. There is NO "HOVER/B4UFLY" app in the Google store…

  28. Good and informative post, but Litchi is my favorite for the Mavic. Have a neat app for you. Has anyone considered using this GooglePlay app call UAS107 along with a few Youtube tutorials on Sectional charts to prepare for the Part 107 Exam? I used the app it for most of my prep for the exam; and the app only cost me $4. Passed on my 1st try. Total cost to pass the exam $154, $150 for the exam, $4 for the app.

    Here is the link to the app for anyone interested:

  29. Can you use the dronedeploy app whit dji phantom 3 standard?

  30. The DJI App also updates by itself. What are we missing here?

  31. The DJI App also updates by itself. What are we missing here?

  32. I've never had problems updating firmware for my Phantom and controller…but I do work in IT… I guess that helps a little 🙂

  33. You omitted Litchi, which is by far better than any you talked about. Thumbs down. way down.

  34. Love your videos very informative and entertaining keep it up !!!

  35. " the colors arnt happy" 😂

  36. Safe to fly? Is a good app that will let u know where contrôlée airspace

  37. Loving the DRONR videos, my Question is, what you think about the Litchi app. I have a Phantom 3 Standard and looking for apps that can also allow me to do FPV.

  38. just out of curiosity. i have a q500 4k and i was wondering if there is an app thats universal that i could use with it. to do the circular shot, point of interest and such…

  39. please

  40. can you subscribe my chanel

  41. new subscriber loving the channel so far

  42. Juan Pablo Beltran

    yo quiero saber la aplicasion del drone ft 007

  43. Liked your video but you have not mentioned Litchi. It makes GO (your nr 1) looks like a beginner set. Pls check it out.

  44. litchi all day

  45. Great Breakdown of Apps… I'm in total agreement with your assessment.
    -HawkEye UAV-

  46. What is the best app to practice flying when I'm not connected to my drone?

  47. how about Litchi?

  48. Raymond J Ractliffe

    Hi – I am liked what you had to say about the 3 DR Solo- I bought an FPV Marine quad a while back, time now to get to use it… – my controller is Devon 10 – my monitor is 7 inch 5.8GHz FPV 32 ch Receiver Monitor…..would the 3DR Solo work for me? – I have seen some have simulations, that would be great but more, I hope to be able to control the quad as outlined – can you please let me know if I am in the right direction or make a suggestion for me – thank you

  49. i just bought a phantom 3 standard firmware update was thru the app simple just took abot 5 min and i was flying it. id recommend it to new people as ive never flown a drone gotta say it will make you feel like a kid at christmas. good luck


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