The Live Video Camera Drone

This is the flying camera drone that sends live video to a smartphone from up to one third-mile away. A 5.8 GHz radio remote controls the drone, displaying live video on an iPhone or Android smartphone connected to the remote’s dock. Easier to fly than typical RC craft that require constant stick control from the remote for stable flight, its autonomous flight system manages all four of the drone’s 9″ high-efficiency propellers simultaneously, allowing it to hover in-place or stay on-course while you focus on taking pictures and video.

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  1. Sir ji es ka price kua h

  2. invention of drone is one of the greatest invention of Human history

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  5. nice camera

  6. Ravi Shastri Shastri

    How much rupee

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  9. I'm in Freetown, the Capital city of Sierra Leone West Africa.
    I need one of these drone for God sake please?

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  11. Product in available India????? how much price????

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  16. This is a very well prepared presentation and the spokesman has great communication skills.

  17. wait another decade till they discover Zoom vdo control…

  18. How to Price The Dron Camera

  19. nice camera

  20. this is waterproof or not

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  22. How match price.? and what Campania name..

  23. How match price.? and what Campania name..

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    pl arrange drone camera price list

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  30. how does the video stream connect to the mobile ? is it bluetooth ? because that wouild be really bad range

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  32. Bryant Film productions

    Do you need a license to own and use one?

  33. can you tell me the price of this Drone …???
    Please ???

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