Ultimate DJI Drone Unboxing!

Gearbest went ABSOLUTELY CRAZY and sent me every single DJI drone they stock. Talk about bananas. I’ll have to do comparisons and flight tests against all my other drones.

Thanks again to Gearbest for sending these. Here are the links to them at Gearbest and Banggood both, if you are interested.

Gearbest: Phantom 4 Pro: $1420 /w code DJI4PIT

Gearbest: Mavic Pro – Fly More Combo: $1199.00 /w code GBDRC

Banggood: Mavic Pro – Fly More Combo: $1399.00

Gearbest: DJI Spark: $509

Banggood: DJI Spark: $539 (Fly More Combo??)


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  1. Spark is for beginners and people that is new to drones. Mavic pro is for professional purposes like filming and taking photos in 4k. Spark is half of the Mavic’s price but the Mavic has more cool features that the Spark doesn’t have.

  2. Plzz givee a dron

  3. Guillaume Gendreau

    You didn't take off the lens protector on the mavic…which we can see in the shots

  4. Nice video!

  5. Do you get to keep the drones

  6. how did you get all that drone

  7. Al Nahian Rahman Ongkon Al Nahian Rahman Ongkon

    very cooooooooooooool

  8. Considering how you handled the drones you probably do need dji care. Disliked because of drone abuse

  9. Cant stop laughing at 1:18 😂😂😂😄

  10. how did you get that is that free or ….. sponsored

  11. Is this dude's "office" in a storage facility?

  12. i want drone because i want to fly some toys….ty..

  13. My brother bought the DJI phantom 3 (Pro) for me to test one day (he works in a warehouse where things get returned from their buyers for various reasons), and the first thing I did was crash the drone into a pillar. I mean I had never flown a drone before lol, what was he expecting?

  14. I just found your channel. I love your reviews! Lucky you getting all those drones to review. I love my Mavic. Take care man.

  15. Oh you bang so good! I love you long time.

  16. the problem i have is dji's geolock on thier drones.

  17. All the DJI goodness!! 😍 Want much!

  18. Subbed for DJI Phantom Butt

  19. Just waiting for that "electric skateboarding while flying a drone" shot haha.


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