What are some of the most lucrative opportunities out there for drone pilots?

3:01 – Today’s question
5:08 – Response to today’s question
6:31 – Lucrative ways to make money with your drone
9:24 – Tips on selling to clients
12:15 – Moving beyond selling to resorts

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  1. BLA BLA BLA start at the 7th minute. We here for the info

  2. I have a Q 500 and I would like to start a drone business do you think I need to upgrade to a different type of drone and if so which one would you recommend start off in the beginning

  3. Bla Bla Bla BLa

  4. $500/wind turbine?  What type of shots are you giving for this type of inspection?

  5. Clarification: I know you can't fly OVER people, but can you fly BESIDE people?

  6. I think my wife is cheating on me I'm going to hide in the closet with my drone and wait for her and her African boyfriend to come home and wait till they get it going on my bed then I'm going to turn my drone in the closet and open the door and catch them in the act! I got her now for sure with my drone! I'd like to see her try to "worm" her way out of this ha ha ha!

  7. Way too much non related talk.

  8. stop talkin crap. dont be yourselves too much .

  9. Looks like a great website, however, my AMERICAN EXPRESS flagged it instantly for a fraud alert….now, I'm kinda unsure about it…

  10. do you guys have any videos talking about drone degrees, if going to college for UAS is worth it or a sham?

  11. Can I get a friend to hook me up with a drone ?

  12. Ron Cloudwalker Collins

    Great Job! What is the best drone with a zoom that can be flown indoor or outside?

  13. omg if i could give u 10 thumbs down i would, cuz u didnt talk about anything important to anyone….

  14. so for 5 mins u talked about nothing about where someone is from, or have someone send in a recording. get on with the show.

  15. Come on guys. I really appreciate your info, and time – but there's too much "fluff" in your podcasts. For example, this episode is 14 min long, and it takes you guys until after the 6 minute mark to even start talking about anything that has to do eith the title. Please… cut out about 90% of your fluff.

  16. Memories are all you get to take with you on your last flight to the heavens, make sure you make lots! Billy

  17. Thanks for the information. Always awesome information. I have a question … Where I can get price points??? I mean How I can know how much I need to charge? Thanks

  18. who would i contact to get cell tower inspection jobs? i find it is almost impossible to speak to bigger companies

  19. hey guys I have been watching ye for a while as I want to start a business in drone photography but Im not sure if I should buy the drone as it is expensive and so is the course for safety, so I was wondering if I should give a survey into auctioneers(real estate companies) in my town asking if they would like the survey and what prices they would be willing to pay.Any help would be appreciated. Im also 16 in case that matters.

  20. Panoreth 3D Printing

    First like and comment, you guys are awesome


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