1. Yes I use an iPad 5 with Verizon cell phone and Wi-Fi. Works great on phantom 4 and Spark. I use the PGYTECH tablet holder.

  2. I really like those green skins!

  3. Thanks very much for the info. I was wondering about this today. Glad I ran into your video, its very helpful.

  4. i went cheap with amazon fire 8gb tablet saw video from [diy3dtech dji go app on amazon kindle fire] they say it works not for me tho downloaded google play then djigo4 app and no luck go4app will not let me get pass account log in says check internet connection my walmart phone is cheap also but i can get to enter device screen updated firmware and even got to go fly but will not complete setup so thats why i purchased 8gb fire tablet any suggestions ?

  5. The Amazon 7 inch fire tablet works…

  6. Where do u find the supported list of devices thst work

  7. Would love to put that green skin on my spark. 😜

    Btw, I purchased an iPad mini4 refurb for just $240 shipped on eBay. Just like a brand new one too. No difference. They even offer 90 days warantee/garauntee. Hit me up if interested and I can look up seller and/or link. I highly recommend using iPad mini over even my iPhone 6+ for that larger screen. Slips right into any bag and fits the mavic/spark controllers without any extra rigs/adapters etc. using 6-8” usb cable. I’ve also picked up a cheap $55 tablet from Walmart that had super nice specs quad-core processor 1.4ghz 2gb ram and newer android 6 or 7 or some shit. Figured it’d bout have to run go4 smooth. It runs the app but just not enough processing power to fly by video. Waaaay too much lag/latency. Couldn’t believe it. Go figure.

  8. Can I fly the spark with "Zte blade zmax" ??

  9. I have a Walmart RCA Viking 2 10 inch tablet for my Phantom 3 standard. Really works well in fact excellent. Only issue I have is the sun kills the screen with to much light. I have the brightness settings turned up all the way but cant compete to being out in a field in sun lite. Its 7.0 lollipop and doesn't lag at all. Just the brightness isn't able to fight the sun reflection. I paid $149 and is great with the DJI go app those sun shades don't work worth a buttkiss I don't want to pay a lot for a 7 inch tablet any recommendations would be appreciated. thanks

  10. The chuwi hi8 pro Android tablet works like a charm with the dji go app and very cheap. I know someone wil bought it under 100 euro.

  11. Where can I get the bracket tablet holder from??

  12. First time I've watched one of your blogs. Probably won't be the last. Love the fact you gave me the answer first. Because you did I watch the whole thing. If not, you can always fast forward to the end anyway. So you made most of the other bloggers that make you wait look like losers. Keep up the good work.

  13. great reviews! i just bought a samsung tab a 7.0 2016 for 90 bucks. android 5.1. nougat is available through samsung but i kept lolli. disabled all not needed apps like hangout etc. downloaded dj go4 v 10 hooked up otg and all's fine. no lag nothing. the outdoor mode makes it one of the brightest displays. is a tight fit in spark rc but best i could buy for spark. my tab s 8.4 was too big and the amoled display ducks outside. get yourself the tab a 7.0 2016 hsnd have fun…don't forget otg..wifi sucks due to lag..fly safe sparkys…

  14. I found the same thing occuring when I used mid to lower grade phones sadly. I had an older moto x2 which worked fine, but the newer but lower spec g5 plus 2017 has minor issues. Very interesting as i know the processor is working extra hard in each case.

  15. Spark owner (1) week: Asus Zenpad S 8 Z580 Tablet Z580C-B1-BK 8 inches 32GB (USED) arrives Monday. Recent others didn't work/or work well, including RCA's, with Marshmallow. Have a tablet holder, so just a few flights in. Raining in Ohio, so 3D printing some kewl (red), (yellow) and (green) battery cover/holders.

  16. I fly with a tablet because I like the idea of being able to view where I'm flying more clearly, rather than looking at a smaller screen.

  17. I think SOME of us prefer the increased viewing size a Phablet/tablet provides. When I am using a 5" screen on a Cell I have to Focus more on the tiny screen, and I can easily glance at the tablet. Granted, I already had a lenovo tab a2 10. I now need the tablet holder you showed.

  18. I almost bought one the other day. glad they were out of stock.

  19. I use my ipad and its great! Way better than using my 7s edge… which has caused many, many drone failures for me and was the cause of death for two bebop 2 drones. The wifi on the 7s series of phones is somewhat horrid, that paired with the ever sluggish android system was enough for me to go with apple, it just works and works good.

    Not an apple fanboy just stating my experience using both.

    I love using my ipad for the bigger screen, makes photos and videos easier to make for me. Also ipad is so light and thin, that and the big screen make up for any added bulk imo…

    I just can't trust my samsung phone, plus the buttons are a pain in the ass to touch… atleast for me with s7 edge in the remote controller.

    I have to set down the controller get my pinky finger out and carefully try to tap the onscreen buttons, maybe because my screen is curved but man is it a pain in the ass compared to a tablet like ipad.

  20. I use a 7 inch tablet with my Mavic Pro because… I'm old and my eyes aren't very good anymore. I shopped around and got an Acer ICONIA B1-780, Quad core 1.30 Ghz, 16 GB memory, In-plane switching, Android 6.0 for $85 (with tax.) The selling point of those specs is the In-plane switching (google it, I don't want to try to explain it here. iPad also use in-plane switching LCD displays :> The Acer tablet is dedicated to the Mavic controller, it's never used for anything else to bog it down, so it runs DJI Go, DJI Go 4, and Litchi with no problems or glitches. And it is awesomely viewable even in the brightest direct sunlight without having to use a sun shield.

  21. Aleksi Lausti Photography

    I just bought a cheap (80€) Huawei Y5 II phone and it works pretty well with the Spark. Mainly not to have to use my actual phone while flying.

  22. I use a LENOVO TAB cost 60 bucks works.


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